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Photos and digital illustration by Brooke Wilson.

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Performance photography from the Bellevue Downtown Association Summer Concert Series, presented by Amazon, and a virtually adapted jazz and blues festival.

Representation and Racial History in Jazz & Blues.

In a critical moment of cultural reckoning, I strive to illuminate the figures and facets of history that have long been ignored, oppressed and appropriated. Throughout the Bellevue Jazz & Blues Music Series, BIPOC artists delivered a profound and poignant message about identity and an indelible musical signature left on the industry and our nation’s history.

Motion Graphics, Gifs and Digital Design – OH MY!

Spice up two-dimensional images with eccentric edits that package and deliver your story a little differently from the rest.

Ready for your close-up?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are you worth? Portraits offer an unparalleled look into the story behind each subject. Say it all with one pose, one glance, one smile – one click of the shutter.


Commercial & Marketing Visuals

Captivate your audience with the unique qualities that separate your organization from the crowd.