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How Ingenuity, Fun & Flavor are Redefining the “Wintergrass” Festival

Face-to-face interactions have quickly become an underestimated source of joy and nostalgia – something we crave like a favorite meal. In an era of portable convenience and virtual reality, one local nonprofit has made a remarkable stride in helping bridge the socially distant divide: create a festival that can travel in your pocket.


Surrounded by the grand landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, the beauty of these natural features can be a deceptive sight, even to a native resident. For the Whatcom County community, what lies brewing beneath its idyllic scenery has the potential to pose a large scale environmental disaster.

Diaries of an Intern

Blog entries, movie reviews and behind-the-scenes action with Talking to Crows, an artistic enterprise and film production company based in Bellingham, WA

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