Visuals in Motion

stop motion animation


narrative shorts

brand promotion & marketing content

Dynamic stories, caught on camera.

Shot on iPhone and DSLR.

A girl reminisces about a romantic relationship when tragedy strikes too close to home.
Two guitarists, a violinist and a drummer. These Bellingham artists are The Mary Anns and they have a few thoughts to share on women in the music industry, live performances and their driving force as a band — folk music.
Words are not just a tool to communicate – words are fierce and infinitely versatile, a resource people draw on for creative expression and inspiration. Although, how you deliver a message carries its own weight, too. When graffiti erupted on the U.S. East Coast during the burgeoning hip hop movement, its stylistic potential forever transformed how people invent and amplify their voice.


A conceptual accompaniment that combines videography and creative movement.
How one musician tackles the creative process of song composition — expressed through still imagery, behind the scenes footage and accompanied by the soundtrack of his new song, still under construction.

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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